The designers
your -supposedly- very creepy webmistresses

This site is currently maintained by two webmistresses. Even though we are of different nationalities and are located literally at the other end of the globe we frequently talk through this brilliant technology called MSN and SMS. We first met through a forum UVERtalk due to both of our common interest in the Japanese band, UVERworld. Currently we have worked in collaboration for several projects such as ZOMG!UVERx3 and MOYASHI. We would also like to point out that we are seriously not biological twins even though people always mix the both of us up in ZOMG!UVERx3 whenever we switch accounts. Even so, we are actually twins in the virtual family, E-saint family approved by the lovely ZOMG!UVERx3 members.


Date of birth 22 January
Nationality Thai
Country Thailand, currently residing in Washington, US
Languages Thai, English
Websites ZOMG!UVERx3
Education Mahidol University International College, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2003-2007); University of Washington, Tacoma Master of Science in Computing and Software System (2008-present)
Softwares Adobe Photoshop
Art preference Digital Art, Traditional Art, Anime, Manga
Experiences Graphic Designer of WaT International Forum


6 November Date of birth
Indonesian Nationality
Indonesia, Singapore but currently residing in Australia Country
Indonesian, English, Chinese & some Japanese Languages
FlyneNET, UVERworld.org, rangikuORG Websites
University of New South Wales (COFA) Digital Media (2008-present) Education
Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Pro Tools, Corel Painter Softwares
Digital Art, Traditional Art, Anime, Manga, Copic makers Art preference
Won a couple of online mini web design competition Experience

site-related information

Founded on 6th November 2008, the main purpose of this website is to document all design-related works that Ridley & Evelyn have done. This site is made purely for enjoyment purposes and no infringement is intended.

MOYASHI FTW? Moyashi is the Japanese word for beansprout. It started out with Rid & Eve's obsession with the anime D.Gray-man since early 2008 due to UVERworld's influence (the singer for D.Gray-man 4th opening). The main character, Allen Walker, alias Rid's #1 favourite character in the anime is often called 'Moyashi' by Eve's #1 favourite character from the same anime, Kanda Yuu. On a side note, they are both featured in the layout for the current version as well.

Hei, at least Moyashi is better than all the other names we have come out with! (e.g. Green alien, named after our favourite MSN emoticon alias self-proclaimed e-saint family mascot)


Even though the design and art found in this website are made by the both of us, we do not claim copyright for the original concept for most of the art found in this website. The anime & manga and its characters belong to their respective owners/authors. They are merely fanarts that have been done for purely enjoyment purposes.

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Even so, we sincerely hope that our works are not being used or spread anywhere else without our prior permissions. We usually do not have much problems with you using our works, so please just inform any one of us beforehand.


What is Kiriban? Kiriban is basically a milestone. When the number that has been previously chosen by us is reached on the web counter (which counts the number of hits), you can take a screenshot and then exchange it with us for a prize. The prize includes a design or an artwork that we will especially customise for the winner.


If the number has been reached and no one claims the prize within 48 hours, we will choose another number and the prize for that number will not be valid anymore.

So I say Thank You....

The respective programmes used i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Smultron, Corel Painter, Alastair for helping Eve, friends, the respective manga/anime artists that created the manga and anime ... and all of you wonderful visitors!! ♥