need to request something?

We are currently open to requests for a very small (approximately USD5 per design of any style, as long as it is not too time consuming) to no fee since both of us are not professional designers or artists and are currently only designing to gain experiences.

If you are interested, just drop either of us an email or use the contact form and we can discuss from there. We usually reply to emails very fast, but if we have many assignments on hand, we might take a while to reply. If you haven't received a reply within 1 week, feel free to nudge us.

Our policy

When you request something for us, we will ensure that we will get your requests fulfilled within the shortest possible time, which could take up from one week to one month (during busy period). Also, we do not consider ourselves as professional designers nor artists, so when you do request something for us please do take into account our skills and availability as Univesity works can vary from time to time.

So why are we taking requests then? As mentioned earlier, we are both trying to find experiences through taking requests from other people. We find that when we are fulfilling other people's requests, we tend to put in an extra effort to make sure the other party will be satisfied with what they will be receiving. Time factor is also another reason. When we are doing things for ourselves, we tend to procrastinate even though there is a set deadline. On the other hand, when it is for others, we do not have the courage to actually procrastinate everything past the deadline.

Therefore, if you request something from us, both parties will benefit. So please feel free to drop us any request!

Samples of works done for others

allen lenalee hyouri