welcome to the e-saint twin's portfolio

♥ You are currently viewing the combined portfolio of Ridley and Evelyn. This site is where all of our art and design related stuffs will be posted. So check back often as new stuffs will be added on as we work on new designs! If you need more information about the site, you can read it here. In any case, feel free to browse around and remember to check the exits page before leaving the site. This website is a little bit image heavy, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Last updated: 4th January 2009


30th June 2009 - Art & Design updates.
Four new artworks have been added to the gallery.
Four new designs have also been added to the gallery.
♣ Evelyn

4th January 2009 - Art updates.
Four new artworks have been added to the gallery; Three by Eve and 1 collaboration. Be sure to check it out :)
♣ Evelyn

6th November 2008 - Site opening.
a huge part of the website is already up. Take your time to browse around~ So far only our latest works are being displayed but we are planning to include our older works here as well. So check back often!
♣ Evelyn